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German switchgear manufacturers meet up in Frankfurt

'The changing face of switching and control systems' - how digitisation is shaping the future of switchgear construction

This was the theme that brought together experts, users and scientists at the end of May 2017 to discuss the challenges posed by digitisation in the switchgear manufacturing industry. As well as industry representatives from Phoenix Contact, Siemens and others, who were keen to showcase their different solution approaches, the event also gave scientists and researchers from various universities an opportunity to have their say and present the results of their work.

Blumenbecker Automatisierungstechnik was represented by a very interesting team presentation by Thomas Hagemann (Head of Innovation Process Management) and Reinhard Agnesens (Key Account Manager). Of all the companies attending the 2-day conference Blumenbecker Automatisierungstechnik was in fact one of the very few that could present up-and-running solutions and report on practical applications - demonstrating once again how the company continues to develop innovative and forward-looking solutions and to implement the digital transformation of Industry 4.0. The presentations not only focused on how the pathway for existing data streams along the value creation chain has been improved by a digital workflow, but also examined the problems that may arise along the route. Sudden deadline or documentation changes, for example, could pose a real challenge in this area. Many of these headaches will be resolved by deploying a single platform that can handle all communication, documentation storage and processing operations. All project-related data are now available in digital form within a company-developed EIP (easy intelligent process) system. And in this case digital really means digitally interlinked data, not just digital documents. Three mobile teminals are already in the test phase. Plans for the near future include the introduction of tablets in the production area, which will save staff having to make tedious searches through long paper lists. This means that Blumenbecker is also staying abreast of demographic developments in that skilled workers can be deployed according to their qualifications and not - as is often the case - for simple ancillary duties.

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